Arena Production

London, UK

New Millennium Experience

Production Manager, Technical & Production Management, Logistics & Communications, Show Delivery
Paul Cockle

12000 per show for 1000 performances

Created by Mark Fisher and Peter Gabriel, this circus extravaganza was created specifically for the year 2000 in the Millennium Dome.

The show, OVO, consisted of 187 performers and 160 technicians who staged the show three times every day during the year 2000; a total of 999 performances. The show was seen by 6.5 million people.

The show sketched a parable of man’s relationship with the earth – innocence, corruption and enlightenment – in three spectacular technical and acrobatic tableaux.

Professional achievements
• Universally acclaimed as the most successful entertainment in the Dome
• Created a show seen by 6.5 million people.
• Safely flew 36 artists every day for a year: Developed performer flying technical equipment and control in partnership with Stage Technologies
• Established new show technical departments including Aerial Technicians and Systems Engineers
• Established safety standards for the industry.
• Negotiated two union collective agreements.
• Renovated the circus training school and established the first degree in circus skills in the UK