Arena Resident show

Studio City, Macau

Show Conception
Abigail Yeates & Chris Hynes

Creative Direction
Abigail Yeates

Senior Producer
Paul Cockle

Production Administration
Corrie Thom

Anystage services included
show conceiver, creative direction, producing and production direction.

The world’s first all-electric, spectacular stunt show.

The Year is 2088. Raging electrical storms have brought destruction upon mankind and civilisation as we know it is a thing of the past.

Set in a post-apocalyptic world where there is no fuel, a nomadic tribe of survivors work together to battle and overcome the forces of nature and harness electrical power.

Legend has it, deep in the desert there exists a power station. Through danger and determination their drive is to find a new home, a place that can become a land of hope and a new beginning: ELĒKRŎN.