Creativiva and P&O Cruise


Resident show

P&O SkyDome

Show Conception
Creativiva Toronto

Show Direction
Gavin Marshall

Show Choreography
Lizzie Gough

Production and General management
Corrie Thom

Producing and managing plus show direction and choreography for Creativiva delivering 5 shows on P&O Iona for 4 years.

Eyes widen. Gasps sound. Attention is rapt. This is the power of Creativiva. Their explosive shows bring jaw-dropping tricks, impressive stunts and a world of colour and magic. And they’ve brought this all to Iona.

We’ve partnered with international entertainment company Creativiva to offer something completely different for Iona, with bespoke, original shows designed specifically for SkyDome and the Grand Atrium. You’ll find yourself transported to another world; filled with acrobatics, aerial acts, physical theatre, dance, music… not to mention flamboyant costumes, impressive sets and much, much more.