Sylvie Roque

Centre De Creation Administrator

Sylvie has an accounting degree and has always worked in this field. She joined the Generating Company France in 2013 and has been working with Paul Cockle and Abigail Yeates ever since. Anystage benefits from Sylvie’s professional experience where she is in charge of accounting and all the different files on the activity in France. She also takes care of the centre de création for its Administration. Sylvie is very involved in the associative and municipal community and has been the mayor of the village of Alles sur Dordogne for one year, this position allows her to support Anystage in its development and projects on the site. In her role as mayor, Sylvie not only guides the business of the local commune but also supports Anystage’s growth and projects in the area. Her position is a tangible link connecting Anystage with the local community and local initiatives.