Debbie Cartwright

Logistics Manager

Debbie’s life in France began when she decided to pursue her higher education studies. Armed with a dual degree in European Business Studies from Bordeaux and Hull, Debbie embarked on a six-year career in Export Sales for a multi-national organisation navigating diverse markets and honing invaluable skills. She was entrusted with roles to work in Nancy, Lyon, and Dublin.

The trajectory of Debbie’s career shifted when roles as a Project Analyst and Diversity Assistant for HBOS presented themselves, revealing a commitment to dynamic professional growth. However, the allure of France intensified, prompting Debbie and her young family to relocate to the picturesque Dordogne region and make it their home.

Debbie has dedicated a significant portion of her French career to working within the hospitality sector. Her extensive experience in managing logistical aspects and demonstrating a commitment to fostering inclusivity and driving impactful projects have equipped her with a comprehensive skill set, making her an asset to the organisation.

Debbie plays a crucial role in ensuring the seamless movement and coordination of artists employed by anystage.