Claire Baldwin

Casting Manager

Claire’s journey unfolded within the vibrant world of circus and street theatre. From busking with her musical family in the 1980s to refining her skills at circus schools in Paris and London, she ventured into aerial adventures with Turbo Unit Acid House Circus, Skinning the Cat Aerial Theatre, and The Generating Company. The 90’s flew by on all things Aerial.

In 2003, hanging up her performance cap, Claire embraced motherhood, welcoming her first child and, later, her second in 2007. Her dedication to the circus world persisted as she took on the role of aerial school manager at The Generating Company, becoming a steadfast steward for The Centre de Creations’ summer school through various challenges.

Claire’s aerial expertise evolved into choreography, with a role as a permanent aerial teacher at The National Centre for Circus Arts in the UK and an associate directorship at The Bureau of Silly Ideas. Life’s inevitable shifts led Claire to seamlessly transition into the exiting environment of Anystage Creative. As casting manager, she skillfully integrates her experience into every project, ensuring her ongoing connection with the circus world that captured her heart back in the 1980s.

The circus is not just a place; it's a state of mind where the extraordinary becomes the norm, and each day is a breathtaking act.