Creative Director

Creative Director Abigail Yeates focuses on artistic development for Anystage. Abigail Previously, worked as an associate director for The Generating Company (Genco) from 2001 to 2015. Throughout a 30 year career, Abigail has worked globally on both commercial and artistic projects, engaging with audiences in various venues such as theatres, stadiums, and site-specific spaces.

Her experience is diverse and from auditioning artists in Cuba, and directing nightclub shows for Manumission in Ibiza to largescale children’s projects like “La Sociere” for Universal Studios Japan, and engaging with a petrol head audience directing “Top Gear live” the motoring show (MPH) in the UK and South Africa and directing the stadium presentation that was the 40th Anniversary celebrations for the UAE in Abu Dhabi with “Spirit of the Union” Other notable achievements include directing the largest water show in the world, “Aqua,” in Shenzhen, China, and serving as Aerial Choreographer for Singapore National Day 2015 and the South East Asian Games. Abigail took charge as director for Bear Grylls’ UK Arena Tour “Endeavour” in 2016 and created the ground-breaking theatrical stunt show “ELĒKRON” featuring all-electric vehicles in Studio City Macau in 2018.

Abigail’s commitment to artistic authenticity is evident in her original productions, including “Lactic Acid 2003/05,” and the all-female circus show “No Sweat,” 2011/2015 also “SOHO” in London’s West End in 2017. Her career journey began with a dance education at the London Contemporary Dance School, followed by circus training at The National Arts du Cirque France.

She earned an MA in choreography at Middlesex University, shaping her distinct style and passion for directing.

Beyond her performances, Abigail co-founded with Paul Cockle and now serves as the Artistic Director at the centre de création in Southwest France. The centre provides a space for creative exploration, emphasizing the development of new ideas and professional growth through training initiatives. Abigail Yeates’ story is one of a dedicated artist committed to maintaining artistic integrity across diverse global stages.


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I seek to understand ways of directing performances that can inspire a positive social change on a global scale using the universal language of awe and wonder