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To become part of a multi-tasking multi-skilled technical and production crew.

With specific responsibility to prepare and sign off and give rehearsal and show clearance for human flying and man riding acts. Ensure all performer acrobatic equipment both aerial and ground based is kept and maintained in good condition, as well as show props and scenic elements. Check. inspect and maintain show rescue and recovery devices ensuring they are held in readiness.

Reports to: Venue Technical Manager

Direct reports to: Anystage Head of Production

Entertainment content

Two 40min shows in the Carousel Lounge. The shows contain a mix of singers, dancers, aerial, and ground-based circus performances.

Shows are performed twice nightly 6 days a week.

Provide technical and stage support for additional events in the venue.

Additional POP-UP entertainment, street theatre and a choreographed parade.


To approve safe human flying conditions before every training rehearsal or show call.

Check and inspect performer acrobatic equipment and harnesses, logging all checks and inspections and listing any defects, wear and tear and general condition of equipment in line with Anystage induction guidelines based on identified standards and manufacturers advice.

Assist the automation operator with regular checks and inspections of all show winches and stage machinery lifts and revolves etc. Following Anystage induction guidelines for inspections and checks based on industry standards and manufactures advice.

Closely follow Check Inspect Maintain (CIM) including all first line operations. Meaning 6 monthly checks will be carried out by a third party but daily first line check will be carried out by the show rigger.

Instigate and follow a reporting procedure. All inspection records to the Anystage onshore team and all requests for second line maintenance or replacement to the Venue Technical Manager.

To follow all Anystage guidelines to assess flying conditions before declaring a ‘no fly situation’.

To execute, stage machinery and performer flying act preparation, wherever possible ensuring PPE is used such as helmets elbow and knee protection if required by acts or safety mats and tumbling mats in rehearsal situation.

To ensure all equipment is checked and prepared in a timely manner to support all rehearsals and shows.

To act as a spotter for all aerial acts throughout rehearsal and performance, being prepared to call a stop where any safety concerns are raised or noticed.

The rigger will also be required to rig apparatus during the show including choreographed scene changes.

To lead handover to other team members and instruct where necessary, reporting any possible training needs that may become evident to maintain standards.

To train other technicians to follow the rigger show track if required in emergency.

Be prepared to train to operate the sound system or lighting desk or the Automation control to cover other technicians.

To execute, rescue and recovery operations including drills and performer trainings. To manage, rescue and recovery equipment kit inventory checklists.

To collaborate during 3rd party assistance calls, inspections or survey visits from both external companies and on-board teams.

To execute basic and preventative relevant equipment maintenance.

To support rescue and recovery operations. And all emergency procedures Follow required onboard safety policy and procedures.

Carry out any other duties normally expected of a show rigger.

To be flexible in the role to support the team in the delivery of all content.

Support the team in assisting with extra events in the venue or other pop up and street theatre events delivered by the cast. This will include stage support, setting up equipment, basic sound, LX, AV support.


Advanced knowledge of safety standards, rescue operations, rope access equipment, man riding and human flying equipment, requirements, and regulations.

Advanced ability to prepare performers for flying acts covering every technical aspect including harnesses wearing and trainings.

Advanced experience with automation daily referencing operations, show terminology and stage directions.

Basic ability to perform work at height. IT/Equipment expertise – Superuser – IRATA rope access training level 1 (or equivalent rope access certificate).

Proven experience in equipment inspection Language Capability – English at C1 Level

This is a Seafarers Employment Agreement. Hour of work will be under the Maritime Labour Convention regulations.


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