2024 Casting call for high energy circus artists for cruise ship contracts

Online casting call for highly motivated, skilled circus artists to become part of an ensemble company for cruise ship contracts. We are looking for artists who enjoy working as a group as well as performing their own individual skills. We welcome candidates who have had experience in working in theatre shows and group choreography.

All applications must be made via this application form.

Contract 1:

22nd April – 4th May 2024 – Rehearsals at www.centredecreation.com

Travel to Marseille 5th May. Embark Ship 6th May

Install of shows complete by 20th May 2024

Cruising the Mediterranean.

Contract ends – 26th October 2024


Contract 2:

17th May – 31st May – Rehearsals at www.centredecreation.com

Travel to Yokohama 1st June. Embark ship 2nd June 2024

Install complete by 16th June 2024

Contract Ends – 23rd November – (provisional date)


Cruise ship contract information

These are guidelines only, not contractual terms and should be used as information only.

Position: Carousel Lounge Performer

Artists are being contracted to become part of the ship-wide entertainment department.


Performing in the two Carousel Lounge production shows as part of an ensemble company. Each are 45mins long and are performed on alternate nights, twice nightly 6 days a week.

Up to 3 hours per week of additional performance duties. This includes, but not limited to:
A rehearsed parade to showcase the main shows.
Street Theatre acts.
Meet and Greets.
Speciality acts for events or parties.
Promotional events.

It is the duty of all performers on board the ship to endeavour to maintain the guest offering of shows at all times. In order do to this, performers are asked to understudy when required and participate in understudy / respacing rehearsals. From time to time, it may become necessary to adapt a performance. The reasons for this happening can vary from adverse weather conditions, technical faults, or performers off for health reasons. We will work with the team to review and rehearse contingency scenarios, and we will expect the ensemble to rehearse these to be prepared for such an eventuality.

Rehearsals in France:

Two weeks rehearsal at our creation centre www.centredecreation.com.
Travel, onsite accommodation, and food will be provided by our onsite chef.

Hours of work:

During rehearsals in France, we will operate a 6 day week schedule. Typically the day starts with warm up at 9am, rehearsals from 9.30 to 5pm followed by training and conditioning time until 6pm. All team members will be required to participate in communal duties including setting up for meal times and clearing away and cleaning after meals.
Working on the cruise ship is a 7-day operation.
Typically, the schedule of shows in the Carousel lounge operates 6 days a week, 2 shows a night.
Shows will alternate from day to day as required by the cruise schedule.
Additional Pop up featured act, Parades and Street Theatre Pop ups will be in addition to the scheduled performances.
Wherever possible, a minimum of 1 day off within a 7-day period will be maintained.
There may be rare situations when there are more than 6 continuous days, and/or more than 2 shows a night.
On occasions one or more of the shows can be requested by Ship to be performed for special groups invited by the Ship as an additional daily show.
Once a month, there will be a late-night additional show. Working hours follow maritime law.


To be confirmed at interview.

On board rehearsal, training, and conditioning:

The technical and rigging teams, whenever possible will facilitate training and rehearsal sessions in the Carousel Lounge. This will be scheduled by the Company Manager.

Additional Duties:

All performers are Crew Members and undertake ‘supernumerary’ roles during crew drills.
All Crew Members are required to attend crew drills and all induction and training sessions as mandated by Ship Management even if this falls on a a scheduled ‘day off’.


All cabins/rooms are double occupancy. You will share with another cast member.

Costume & Makeup:

Costumes and makeup are provided. You will be expected to provide your own ‘base foundation’ to match your own skin tone. You will also be required to provide your own performance underwear, such as dance belts, bras etc.
You are required to wear costumes as instructed and ensure makeup is applied as directed. You will be responsible for ensuring your costume is maintained, cleaned, and stored in the appropriate places. All performers will be given a training session on basic costume maintenance skills.

Dressing Room:

There are dedicated shared dressing rooms for performers in the Carousel Lounge.


Physio will be provided at regular intervals during the contract. The Company Stage Manager will be responsible for scheduling sessions for performers.

Installation of Shows.

After the two-week rehearsal period at our centre de creation, there will be one week on the ship where there will be a cross over with the outgoing team.
You will be expected to rehearse during overnight sessions in this week.

Medical and Document Requirements:

All performers must meet specific medical and vaccination requirements.
All documents must be original and in English:
1. Two doses of the MMR Vaccine or prove immunity.
2. Two doses of Chicken Pox vaccination or prove immunity.
3. Yellow fever vaccination.
4. Two doses of COVID vaccine.
5. An STCW approved Seafarers Medical Certificate (PEME).
6. Passport valid until Dec 2025 minimum.
7. Evidence of any existing Seafarers ID Card or Seamans Book.

It is the responsibility of all crew member to ensure they have these documents in order to work on a cruise ship. Anystage Creative will reimburse up to £115 / €135 for the cost of the Seafarers Medical certificate.

Reimbursements are made once installation on the ship is complete.

Any required VISAS will be reimbursed by the ship owner according to their policies.


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